Applications, Forms & Information

The following applications, permits and information are also available on request at the Development Services Department public counter.

Applications & Forms

Engineering Applications & Forms

City Tree Removal Application - (PDF)
Engineering Development Application - (PDF)
Engineer's Certification of Final Grading - (PDF)
Flood Control/Traffic Fees - (PDF)
Grading Title Sheet - (DWG)
Haul Route Application Form - (PDF)
Improvement Title Sheet - (DWG)
Intake Form and Standard SWQMP - (PFD)
Priority Development Project SWQMP - (PDF)
Priority Development Project SWQMP - (Word)

Sidewalk Cafe/Outdoor Dining - (PDF)
Street Vacation Application - (PDF)
Transportation Permit Application Form - (PDF)

Planning Applications & Forms

Address Request – To request than an address for a property be assigned or changed
Affordable Unit Interim Policy Application – To apply for the Affordable Dwelling Unit Policy, a City Council Policy for legalizing certain unpermitted dwelling units
Agricultural Permit Application – For staff-level application reviews (appointment required)
Alcohol Service Establishment - Existing Application Supplement - Required for all applications for modification of existing alcohol service establishments
Alcohol Service Establishment - New Application Supplement - Required for all applications for new alcohol service establishments
Application for Environmental Initial Study (AEIS) – For projects that require environmental review
Building Permit Application – Complete and submit with plans for building permit plan check
Building Plan Copying – Laws, process and forms for obtaining copies of building plans and related documents New fees effective January 1, 2018
City Council Appeal Form – Submit to City Clerk with fee to appeal a Department or Planning Commission action
Density Bonus Application Supplement - Additional requirements for developments proposing a density bonus
Encinitas Register of Historic Places Application - To request property be placed on local register.
Facility Availability Form: Fire – For subdivisions, submit to Fire Department, then with map application
Facility Availability Form: School – For subdivisions, submit to School District(s), then with map application
Facility Availability Form: Sewer – For subdivisions, submit to Sewer District, then with map application
Facility Availability Form: Water – For subdivisions, submit to Water District, then with map application
Final/Parcel Map Fee Form – Submit with fee to Planning Department prior to filing final/parcel map
Green Building Incentive Program Registration Form – For registering in the City’s green building program
Height Certification Form – Licensed Land Surveyor to complete to verify building height
Heritage Tree Nomination Form – Complete and submit to nominate a tree for Heritage Tree status
Housing Development Tracking Form – Submit prior to final inspection of residential units
Landscape Documentation Package Checklist – Submit as required prior to construction permit issuance
Permanent Sign Application – Submit for monument signs and sign programs (appointment required)
Planning Application – For staff-level and Planning Commission application reviews (appointment required)
Project Issue Resolution (PIR) Procedures/Application - Provides land use permit/entitlement applicants an opportunity to quickly have outstanding/unresolved issues heard and considered by the Department Head
Service Request Application – Submit for minor research and service requests (zoning letters, etc.)
Temporary Sign/Banner Application – Submit for temporary sign and banner permits   New fees effective January 1, 2018
Water Efficient Landscape Worksheet – Submit as required with Landscape Documentation Package
Wireless Facilities Group Pre-Application – For proposed wireless facilities on City property

Engineering Information

Encinitas Survey Control Network Datasheets - (PDF)
Encinitas Survey Control Network Maps - (PDF)
Final Map/Final Parcel Map Initial Submittal Checklist - (PDF)
General Financial Information - (PDF)
Improvement Plan Initial Submittal Checklist - (PDF)
Instructions for Letters of Credit - (PDF)
Survey Monument Viewer - Web application to locate survey monuments and benchmarks
Simplified Minor Grading Permit Requirements - (PDF)
Grading Plan Initial Submittal Checklist - (PDF)

Planning Information

Accessory Dwelling Unit Provisions – Regulations for accessory units (aka second units or “granny flats”)
Applicant’s Guide to Setbacks – Information and examples for application of setback requirements
Affordable Unit Interim Policy FAQ - Frequently asked questions regarding the Affordable Unit Interim Policy
Building Permit Plan Check Requirements – Requirements for plan content to complete zoning review
CDP Requirements for Residential Remodels - Information on CDP requirements for residential remodels and additions
Certificate of Compliance – Information on the Certificate of Compliance process
Citizen’s Participation Plan Handout – Detailed instructions for preparing a Citizen’s Participation Plan
Condominium Conversion – Information on converting existing residential units to condominiums
Determination of Legal Parcel – Guidelines used for determining if a parcel of land is legal
Green Building Incentive Program Information – Information on the City’s green building program
Gray water Systems - Information and regulations
Home Occupation Regulations – Regulations for conduction a business at a residence
Invasive Plant Policy – Information on the City's invasive plant policy
Lot Line Adjustment – Information on the lot line (boundary) adjustment process 
Mills Act Handout – Information on the City’s Mills Act Program for historical structures
Residential Height Regulations – The City’s height regulations and how to apply them
Sign Information – Information on sign allowances, requirements, and regulations
Staff Advisory Committee – Information on the City’s Staff Advisory Committee
Subdivision Map Extensions FAQ - provides information on how AB 116, AB 208, AB 333 and S.B. 1185 impact the time applicants have to record a final map
Temporary Parking Lot Tent & Canopy Regulations – Zoning requirements for temporary tents and canopies
Tentative Map Application Supplement – Requirements for tentative map applications
Urban Agriculture FAQ – Information on urban agriculture regulations
Use Permit Application Supplement – Instructions for preparing a use permit statement of justification
USPS Quick Reference Postal Requirements – Requirements for providing access to USPS personnel (provided by USPS)
Variance Application Supplement – Instructions for preparing a variance statement of justification
Wireless Communication Facilities Supplement – Requirements for wireless facility applications
Zoning Designations – Descriptions of zoning designations in the City
Zoning Summary - Commercial - Table of commercial zones and development standards (setbacks, etc.)
Zoning Summary - Residential - Table of residential zones and development standards (setbacks, etc.)


Engineering Schedule of Fees - (PDF)
Parkland Acquisition and Improvements Fees - Parks and Recreation development impact fees (administered by Planning)
Planning Application Processing Fees – Administrative, discretionary, and building plan check application fees     Fees Effective January 1, 2018
Unit Price List 2005 - (PDF)
Wastewater Fees - (PDF)