Regulatory Permits

Regulatory Permits
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Core Services:

  • Administer Business Registration program
  • Review and issue short-term rental permit applications
  • Review and issue RV parking permits
  • Review and issue taxi licenses
  • Review and issue other Sheriff-regulated permits, including but not limited to solicitor’s permits, entertainment licenses, and public dance permits.

Alarm Permit Application - An Alarm Permit shall be required for any business or residence which utilizes an alarm system. This permit is intended to allow for reasonable regulation of alarm systems in order to protect the safety and welfare of the residents of the City.

Amusement Establishment & Devices Permit Application - An Amusement Establishment permit shall be required for any commercially operated establishment having five or more amusement devices, defined as any machine or apparatus in which the operation, or use of, is made possible by some type of fee. This includes, but is not limited to, devices such as pinball machines and arcade games.

Business Registration Application - The purpose of this program is to provide an inventory of business and commercial activities conducted within the City and a method of determining compliance with safety regulations imposed on commercial activities within the City. Additional information can be found here.   New fees effective January 1, 2018

Entertainment Establishment Permit Application - An Entertainment Establishment permit shall be required for any establishment which conducts performances of any kind to which the public is admitted. This includes, but is not limited to, any act, play, review, song, show, concert or exhibition.

Firearms Dealer Permit Application - The Firearms Dealer permit is used to regulate the sale, lease, or transfer of firearms. Applicants must additionally comply with requirements set forth in State of California Penal code Section 12071.

Junk Dealer, Auto Wrecking & Vehicle Storage Permit Application - Regulation of junk yards and motor vehicle wrecking yards is necessary both to address the potential of these businesses to receive stolen property, and to protect the community from potential hazards.

Public Bingo Game License Application - A Public Bingo Game license allows the licensee to conduct bingo games for charitable purposes.

Public Dance Permit Application - A Public Dance permit shall be required for any establishment which conducts public dances, defined as any public gathering to which the public may gain admission where dancing is allowed, whether or not there is an admission charge.

Recreational Vehicle Permit Application - The Recreational Vehicle permit allows parking of a recreational vehicle on a public street in front of or adjacent to the location specified for a limited period. “Recreational Vehicle” includes any trailer, camper trailer, boat and trailer, cab-over camper/truck camper, motor home, or similar vehicle.

Secondhand Dealer's Permit Application - A Secondhand Dealer’s permit shall be required for any establishment conducting business as a pawnbroker or secondhand dealer. These regulations are enacted in order to curtail the dissemination of stolen property and facilitate the recovery of stolen property.

Short Term Rental Permit Application - A Short Term Rental permit shall be required for any short-term rental, defined as renting a single-family home or duplex for occupancy for dwelling, lodging or sleeping purposes of 30 consecutive days or less.

Solicitor - Charitable Permit Application - A Charitable Solicitor permit shall be required for any individual who makes either (a) an oral or written request for contribution to a charitable organization or (b) an offer to sell a service, an item, or the right to attend a function for a charitable purpose.

Solicitor - Non Charitable Permit Application - A Solicitor permit shall be required for any individual who travels from place to place, to public places or events to which the public is admitted, to sell, offer for sale, deliver, or give away, and services or goods.

Solicitor – Seasonal Permit Application - A Seasonal Solicitor permit shall be required for any individual conducting temporary seasonal business, such as pumpkin sales or Christmas tree lots.

Taxi Company Permit Application - A Taxi Company permit shall be required for any taxi company operating within the City of Encinitas. While the City of Encinitas manages the permit process, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department handles all vehicle inspections and issuing of decals.