City Projects

The Engineering Division of the Development Services Department manages the design and construction of projects located throughout the City.

If a project information sheet or project webpage is available, it will be linked to the project name below.  If the project is mapped, it will have a [MAP] link which will take you directly to the project on the map.  If the project is a compilation of several smaller-scale projects happening Citywide, it will include the note '(Citywide)' and will include a list rather than mapped locations.  

Development Services and Information Technology staff continue to collaborate on mapping projects underway with the Engineering Division. The map includes Capital Improvement and large-scale Traffic Engineering projects with georeferenced locations. The digital map is available for public use and will be updated quarterly.

Click on the 'Projects Map' link to get a citywide view of City and regional projects currently or soon to be in Planning/Design or Construction in Encinitas.

Projects Map


ADA Improvements Phase I (Citywide)
[Map] Adams Run Trail Connector
Annual Pavement Rehabilitation Project – FY2017-18 (Citywide)
[Map] B Street Sidewalk Improvements
Bike and Pedestrian Enhancements (Citywide)
[Map] Birmingham Drive Complete Streets
El Camino Real Active Transportation (Citywide)

[Map] El Portal Pedestrian Rail Undercrossing
[Map] Leucadia 101 Streetscape Project – La Costa Avenue
[Map] Leucadia 101 Streetscape Project – North Coast Highway 101 Streetscape
[Map] Lumberyard Sidewalk / South Coast Highway 101 Sidewalk Improvements
[Map] Montgomery Avenue Sidewalk Improvements
Pedestrian Improvements – School Districts (Citywide)

[Map] Rail Corridor Quiet Zone Analysis at Chesterfield Drive
[Map] Rail Corridor Quiet Zone Analysis at East D Street
[Map] Rail Corridor Quiet Zone Analysis at East E Street
[Map] Rail Corridor Quiet Zone Analysis at Encinitas Station
[Map] Rail Corridor Quiet Zone Analysis at Leucadia Blvd
[Map] Santa Fe Drive Improvements
[Map] Verdi-Montgomery Pedestrian Rail Crossing


[Map] Standard Pacific Park Site Design


[Map] Beacon's Beach Access and Bluff Stabilization
[Map] Cardiff Beach Living Shoreline Project (Coastal Storm Damage Reduction Project) 


[Map] Jason Street Storm Drain
Leucadia Flooding Issues - Leucadia Sumps Phase II (Citywide)
[Map] Vulcan Avenue Drainage Project


[Map] Olivenhain Trunk Sewer Improvements


[Map] Batiquitos Lagoon Double Track (North)
[Map] Bike/Ped Trail on Both Sides of I-5 at San Elijo
[Map] Chesterfield Drive Rail Crossing Improvements
[Map] Coastal Rail Trail Segment 39C South (Santa Fe to Chesterfield)
[Map] Encinitas Blvd Bike/Ped Enhancements
[Map] Encinitas Blvd Freeway Undercrossing Early Work
[Map] I-5 Improvements Phase 1/Stage 1
[Map] I-5 North Coast Bike Trail - Caltrans Phase 1/Stage 1
[Map] Leucadia Blvd Freeway Undercrossing Early Work
[Map] Manchester Avenue Freeway Undercrossing Improvements
[Map] Manchester Avenue Trail to Nature Center
[Map] San Elijo Lagoon Double Track
[Map] San Elijo Lagoon Gateway Pedestrian Undercrossing
[Map] San Elijo Lagoon Restoration Project
[Map] Santa Fe Dr Freeway Undercrossing Early Work
[Map] Villa Cardiff Drive and MacKinnon Bridge Enhancements

In addition, the City continues to make progress on other high profile Council priorities, which are listed below.  Click on these links to be redirected to more information regarding these topics.


Housing Element Update
Climate Action Plan

Finally, as projects listed above are completed, they will be moved to the list below.

Completed Projects-Current Fiscal Year

Lone Jack Storm Drain Repair
Moonlight Beach Marine Safety Center
S Coast Highway 101 Pump Station Upgrades
Striping – Horse Crossings – 7 locations